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Benefits of CCTV in Leawood, Kansas

When looking to add security to your home, the amount of security you have and the amount you spend on the overall solution will probably have a lot to do with the level of risk your property is subjected to. For example, if you live in an area with a very small crime rate with few, if any, burglaries then it wouldn’t really make sense to invest in much more than an alarm system that will act as a deterrent to opportunists. In fact, sometimes just taking some common sense preventative measures will be all that’s needed to make sure your home is perfectly OK and you won’t be a victim of crime.

However, if you’re in an area that has a spate of burglaries then you may be dealing with a different type of criminal. There are opportunists and there are those that watch, plan and then execute their crimes with care and while an alarm will deter, sometimes you might want a little more security to make sure that if that burglar does get in, you have the evidence to help law enforcement agencies capture and process those who would take our property.

Increasing crime rate in Leawood

So, with this in mind let’s take a look at Leawood in Kansas and we find that comparing 2012 to 2011 there has been quite an increase:

leawood burg

In one year that’s nearly a 100% increase in burglaries!

Should I get CCTV?

There are many reasons why you should consider using CCTV on your property, here are just a few:

Remote monitoring

If there’s been an increase in crime in your area then it’s sometimes good to keep an eye on your home but how do you do that if you’re not there? Well today’s modern CCTV makes it a breeze with remote viewing of your cameras. Also, you can be connected to a remote station so trained staff can also look over your property while you’re not there.

Increased chance of prosecution

If you have CCTV on your property (either residential or commercial) then you have a greater chance of bringing criminals to justice than those properties without it. You may actually get your property back which is far better than having objects with a sentimental value simply replaced with money.

Reduced fear of crime

Do you have vulnerable relatives in your home while you’re away? CCTV can give comfort while you’re not there as well as securing your home.

Nobody wants to be a victim of crime or even think about the consequences, but sometimes taking preventative measures now can mean a safer and more content future. Given the doubling of crime in the Leawood area, we think it’s worth taking a look at your options right now.

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