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CCTV in Lenaxa, Topeka and Olathe has never been easier!

Scharig Alarms systems has been serving the Kansas area for years with their fully monitored alarm systems that keep watch on your property wherever you happen to be. Our call centers are there 24×7 and they are ready to call the emergency services to your home in the event of burglary, fire or flood.

But what about preventative measures? CCTV is one such area where you can protect your home from the burglary while also giving the police valuable evidence should any perpetrators be caught on camera. And CCTV is far from the grainy quality you’re used to seeing on TV shows, we now have some of the most advance High Definition quality cameras that mean you can get up close and personal with anyone who shouldn’t be on your premises.

CCTV is fast becoming one of the best deterrents to crime in many cities and up until now has been costly and only affordable to large corporations or local authorities, but things are changing and high definition, superior quality cameras are now available to households all over America. They can be fitted to be inconspicuous so they blend into the room and are mostly hidden from view or if you’re after a more proactive stance against crime, you can make them visible from the street.

It’s a fact that most crime these days is opportunistic and many burglaries happen after home owners have been lax with security or even when in the yard on a hot day having left the front windows open. A thief will take any chance that becomes available but if they can see that they’re being watched, they’re less likely to even try. However, some thieves are either brave or a little stupid and so they’ll still have a go! In these cases the CCTV footage you record can be used as evidence in a court of law to bring them to justice.

Not only that, CCTV cameras can be viewed remotely, connected to your alarm system and then proactively monitored in our 24×7 call centre meaning the emergency services are called the minute there’s a problem. We’ll also call you to tell you what’s going on and that we’ve taken measures.

For residents in Lenaxa, Topeka and Olathe, or in fact any of the cities in the Kansas area, we have a deal that can put your mind at rest and give you the security you and your family needs.

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