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Want to hide a key? Still thing under the doormat is a good idea?

Some time back I was round invited to dinner at a friend’s straight from work. As she walked ahead of me towards the front door, she stopped and slapped her head before turning to me and admitting that she’d forgotten her key, she’d left it in the office. However, no matter – she’d got a spare under to “Welcome” doormat, right in front of the door.

“Is that wise?” I asked her?

“Yeah, it’s so obvious nobody would think to look there”

Famous last words!

In fact, the doormat and under a flower pot are the two favorite places for people to hide their spare key so any burglar who’s been in the business for more than a few years will know exactly where to look. This pretty much means that hiding a key in such a way is surely a bad idea. But where can you hide your keys?

Well the obvious answer is not to. Simply remember to take your keys with you every time you leave the house and keep them on your person. However, we’re not always that careful so having a spare set can be useful and another friend of mine when locked outside his house explained to me how he got in.

First of all, he had a key under a flower pot, but it wasn’t his front door key. Instead, this opened the door of his neighbors shed which had a toolbox on a shelf. In fact, it had three toolboxes but one of them had a shelf in it which had ten keys. Confusing enough eh? Well all of these keys were nearly identical, but even if a burglar had got this far, this still wasn’t the answer. If you managed to pick a key that opened something, the thing it opened was a box hidden in his fishpond!

Finally, the box had five keys in it, one of which opened the front door.

He reasoning was, if a burglar managed to get this far then he’s welcome to the contents of the house!

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