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New High Definition 1080P Systems – The future of Video Surveillance

As advances in technology evolve, it makes for IP quality camera systems more affordable. The 1080p camera systems is a cost effective system that allows for superior picture quality without pixalation. The crystal clear images makes for identification of individuals much easier, also allowing for the ability to view license plate numbers.


What is HD-SDI?

SDI stands for Serial Digital Interface, which is now standard in the TV industry. HD-  SDI has mostly been used in HDTV production and broadcasting in 720P and 1080P high-definition resolutions, which you are familiar with after buying that new flat-screen television set! Only recently has this technology been incorporated into the CCTV industry, HD-SDI cameras are not limited by bandwidth and offers a very smooth unbuffered real-time video. This new technology  allows for cyrstal clear images, on par with IP camera systems , but without having to incur the cost of expensive and labor intensive IP camera systems.  We believe this is the future of the surveillance camera industry, especially since it can replace your older system using your existing wiring infrastructure.

Benifits of HD-SDI, High Def System

  • True HD 1080P Video Resolution
  • No IP Configuration Hassle
  • Crystal Clear Images in Day & Night
  • No Delay in Image Transmission
  • Easy Upgrade with Existing Cables
  • Zoom in on Paused  recordings without image pixelation

All Scharig Video Surveillance  systems offer a 2 and 3 year manufacturer warranty on all equipment.


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Is it Time for a Surveillance System Upgrade?

hidef2Do you have an older, low resolution analog security camera system? It may be time to upgrade your system, and the good news is we can easily do that while using your existing wiring, thus saving you money on installation  and wiring cost.  Upgrading to the megapixel 1080p system just makes sense in todays enviroment when face recognition and high resolution images are so important, and now available at a cost effective rate.


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The future of Video Surveillance

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